The treatments offered at our hospital are quality proven with personalized care, friendly caring staff and at a very reasonable price. Cosmetics - Get a million dollar smile. We not only visualize healthy teeth and gums, but also give you a customized personality smile statement through ceramic crowns, veneers, tooth Whitening and other cosmetic treatments. Implants - Implants are the most modern way of replacing lost teeth as they get screwed to the jawbone permanently. They are an excellent alternative to lost natural teeth for both crowns and dentures.
Whitening teeth - Concerned about the colour of your teeth ? due to medication, coffee,cigarettes or just getting older-- we can make you smile all the way. Ask us how and you will know how easy and painless it is to brighten your smile. Children and Infant Dental Care - Children are our special ones. They carry their childhood experiences throughout their lives. We are well equipped to handle children in the most pleasant manner and hence make their dental experience a happy memory.