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December 19, 2018
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January 22, 2019

How can dental caries be prevented and controlled? A very Best Dentist created for Hyderabad Dental Patients

How can dental caries be prevented and controlled? A very Best Dentist created for Hyderabad

How can dental caries be prevented and controlled | Best Dentist created for Hyderabad

How can dental caries be prevented and controlled | Best Dentist created for Hyderabad

 The modern approach to the ‘continuum of caries’ is now recognised across Europe as a key
part of control and preventive management. It is recommended by key European
organisations as the style of caries care that should be taught across Europe.
 A charitable foundation, the International Caries Detection and Assessment System (ICDAS)
has built and is developing a universal system to classify and treat dental caries, called the
International Caries Classification and Management System (ICCMSTM).

 The ICCMSTM provides a way for dental associations and dental schools to deliver the new
approach of ‘caries as a continuum’ in order to improve dental caries prevention and
 If comprehensive caries prevention and management strategies are put in place early in a
child’s development, it should be possible that every child born from 2026 should stay cavity
free during their life time.
What is the dental caries landscape in Europe?
 By maintaining a good oral health routine, dental caries should not progress to cavities or
tooth loss.
 Only 41% of Europeans still have all their natural teeth.

 Without fluoride prevention, the cost of lifelong treatment for dental caries on average is
almost €7,000.

 Dental caries remains a major problem, especially in Eastern Europe and in socio-
economically deprived groups in Europe.

 Globally, children miss 51 million hours of school each year because of dental caries.

 In the UK, dental caries was the fourth most common reason children were admitted to
hospital in 2012.
 Across Europe, by the time children reach 12-years-old, the number of obviously decayed,
missing or filled teeth differs across countries.
 In some parts of Europe the level of dental caries is five times higher than in others.

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