Pediatric Care

First dental visit of child

Are you looking for a super way to give children healthy, attractive smiles for a lifetime? If so, we are here to help your children prevent dental problems for the rest of their lives.


Dental Health is a right of each and every child! The parents and the dentist/pediatric dentist have to share the responsibility of delivering good preventive and therapeutic care to children.

The dental care is continuous process,which starts in womb (in expectant mothers) and continues lifelong! The entail manage of children starts with the education, counseling and preparation of parents prir to the actual dental treatment. Good communication is a key to successful management of children.

As pediatric dentist we specialize in treating:
  • Dental Care for Children of All Ages
  • Dental Care for Children, Teenagers, and Special Needs Patients
  • Emergency Services
  • Nitrous Oxide and Sedation
  • In-Office Anesthesia

We specialize in children’s dentistry by creating a relaxed and child-friendly experience. Many children are intimidated by the dentist’s office, but our dentists and dental assistants are suited to handle anxious children. We at Shiv Dental Clinic have the knowledge and the fine touch to keep children comfortable as we help them take care of their teeth.

The emphasis in pediatric practice is laid on early detection and treatment of problems affecting children, interception for irregularities observed during the growth and alignment of teeth and also prevention of dental decay.

Preventive Dentistry

Sealants are resins or plastic materials which are usually applied on to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth i.e. molars and premolars. These materials flow into the natural grooves and pits, and seal them, thus protecting these susceptible areas from decay.

Professional fluoride applications at regular intervals helps strengthen tooth enamel against cavities.

Treatment of dental decay Decay can be caused due to a multitude of reasons such as improper maintenance, tooth position, diet habits etc. Once decayed the tooth can be treated using a suitable filling material to replace the lost portion of the tooth. If the tooth has extensive damage, a root canal treatment and/or a crown may be advised. Sometimes if the tooth is not salvageable an extraction may be advised.

Space Maintenance These are devices used to maintain the space of a prematurely lost or extracted primary tooth until its permanent tooth is ready for eruption in its place.

Injuries to teeth Injuries or trauma to teeth, mouth and face of infants and children occur frequently and should not be ignored even in the absence of pain or bleeding. Early observation and treatment of such injuries determines the success of treatment rendered to a great extent.

Special Needs of Special Children Special children are very susceptible to dental decay, trauma and gum disease. Prevention of these problems is possible, if the parents and the dentist can work as a team.